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Tebogo Leon Tume Complex

9 - 11 Stokroos street
Squarehill Park

Post Box

P O Box 3132
Tel: 053-839 2100
Fax: 053-839 2290/1

Tebogo Leon Tume was the third and last born of Ms. Dipuo Tume and Mr. Benjamin Ramatsoele. He was born in Barkley Road, grew up in Kimberley. He attended Barkley Road High school and joined the Railway Police as a Constable. During October 1976 he joined *Umkonto We Sizwe*, being part of the second intake of the June 16 detachment. On a specific mission he and his fellow comrade, the late Mr. Gordon Janawa, were confronted by police. A battle ensued and he was injured in the process. They went to a house in Meadowlands, but the family could not accommodate them. Tebogo requested Gordon to seek help, but Tebogo ensued anther battle, suffering secondary casualties. To date it is not known if he died from the first or the second encounter.