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Bid Number Description Download Date
DRPW 002/2019 Northern Cape: Regravelling of Roads in the Northern Cape for a Period of 36 Months, as and when required Download Closing Date 18/06/2019
DRPW 002/2019 Regravelling Of Roads In The Northern Cape For Period Of 36 Months Download Closing Date 18/06/2019
DRPW 015/2019 Niekerkshoop:Construction of New Modular Structure Library in Niekerkshoop Download Closing Date 05/08/2019
DRPW 031/2018
DRPW 032/2018
DRPW 033/2018
Kimberley: Gardening Services Download Closing Date 14/12/2018
DRPW 015/2018
DRPW 016/2018
DRPW 017/2018
DRPW 018/2018
DRPW 020/2018
Various Download Closing Date 20/11/2018