Traffic Circles Improve Road Safety In The Diamond City

The almost complete three intersections at key entry points to the Diamonds city will improve the safety of road users and pedestrians. The Department of Roads and Public Works is proud to complete the upgrade of N8/R31 intersection, R357/R31 intersection and N12/R31 intersection in partnership with SANRAL.

The department is glad to highlight that the improved and upgraded intersections (which were previously classified as high accident zones) will contribute too much safer roads. In addition the design of the traffic circles and/median islands adds to the beautification as you enter the Diamond City. Pedestrians and cyclists will now have increased safety due to the newly constructed surfaced sidewalks and pedestrian crossings. The newly erected street lighting will improve visibility and reduce the risk of accidents especially during night-time conditions.

We had no fatalities during the construction period and we thank the road users for their patience and adhering to the safety instructions of the flagmen on-site.