A New Pharmacy For Springbok Hospital

The Department of Roads and Public Works constructed a pharmacy at the already existing Hospital in Springbok. The present location of the Springbok Hospital is central and serves the relevant catchment populations optimally. Although it was built approximately 50 years ago, and some of the internal spatial arrangements and equipment are out dated.

A need to improve health facilities at this Hospital to better serve the community arose. A pharmacy was designed and constructed in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Act of South Africa. The client department desired to have a secure facility for aid medicine, with counselling areas and a sorting area. The construction is close to completion with a completion date of 15 June 2021. 

The construction progress on site was severely impacted by COVID-19 restrictions which resulted in an increase of price of the outstanding items mechanical, electrical and steel. The construction amounted to R14,6 million. The contractor was required to spend 30% of the contract amount on local sub-contractors, the idea being to ensure that a significant amount of money stays within local business to increase economic return, and more benefit to the local population. 

This project had a positive impact towards job creation, in that it created and sustained youth and women, who were employed in the region. A few years ago, during 2019, the Department of Roads and Public Works completed the construction of the new forensic mortuary with drop off area at the Springbok Hospital. The Department of Roads and Public Works remains committed to its mandate to construct, maintain and upgrade health facilities in the province.