New Wheels Assist With Service Delivery

The Department of Roads and Public Works recently received eight new Toyota bakkies. These vehicles will enhance the service delivery of the Roads Chief Directorate. The Northern Cape Fleet Management and Trading Entity procures vehicles on behalf of all provincial departments. 

Several old bakkies have clocked at more than 200 000 kilometers and these vehicles are still being used at the various District Offices. The business concept is to gradually replace all old vehicles with high kilometers and to distribute them to the Districts. The Department is expecting the delivery of twelve more vehicles. Soon employees will be able to drive with ease and comfort when traveling on gravel roads and to the various road maintenance sites.

Furthermore we remind all officials to adhere to the speed limit and caution them against the misuse and abuse of government vehicles. These vehicles are considered a working tool which enables public servants to take services to the poor, historically disadvantaged and all citizens of the province