Learners across the Northern Cape Province returned to school on the 19 January 2022. Members of the Executive Council (MEC’s) visited different schools throughout the province. MEC Fufe Makatong visited Kakamas High School and Oranje-Suid Primary School to motivate learners and teachers. Oranje-Suid Primary has a pass rate of 87.6% MEC Makatong handed over sanitary towels, netball kits and netballs to the school principal of Oranje-Suid Primary. At this school a toilet for people who are differently abled was recently constructed. The learners of Kakamas High School received schoolbags and stationary packs. 

MEC Fufe Makatong stated: “It is with great pleasure that we formally welcome you all back on the first day of the 2022 school academic year. I hope you are well rested and full of energy to meaningfully contribute towards improving the quality of education in the Northern Cape.” 

When MEC Makatong engaged the School Governing Body (SGB) she indicated that it is the responsibility of the school principal, school management team, educators, school governing body, Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign (QLTC) committee, parents and learners to ensure that we create a conducive environment for learning and teaching. 

During the past years, schools were confronted by numerous incidents of vandalism, especially during the school holidays. A total of 43 schools were vandalised during the December-January school holiday break. This is a clear indication of sheer disregard for institutions of learning. 

Schools represent a beacon of hope in all our communities, and must be protected at all material times. It must be said, that most of the time our schools are vandalised by the very same community it serves. This selfish acts of vandalism by our communities must come to an end. 


MEC Makatong encouraged the learners saying: “You must commit to be at school every day in terms of the differentiated timetable the school makes use of, doing your school work without failure. You will respect the rules of the school, your teachers and your peers.” She encouraged teachers to demonstrate a greater accountability, to be in class on time and to deliver task on time.