Launch of a fleet management entity

The Northern Cape Government launched the Northern Cape Fleet Management Entity during December last year, which is a much more cost effective way for all provincial departments to bring services to the doorsteps of people.

As indicated by the premier of the province, honourable Mme Hazel Jenkins, in a media briefing at the occasion then, a toll-free number would be allocated.

Government is fulfilling its promise and hereby invites members of the public to report misuse and abuse of government vehicles such as:
•    Drunk and reckless driving of government officials
•    Parking at nightclubs, shebeens and taverns over weekends and after hours
•    Transporting non-government officials such as family members for unofficial purposes

Members of the public are reminded to indicate the registration number of the vehicle, the day and time where the vehicle parked or drove recklessly.

The 086 1222 627 – line is operative from Monday to Friday during office hours (from 7h30 to 16h00). The Northern Cape Fleet Management Entity intends to extend the number to be operational after hours.

MEC Dawid Rooi indicated in his Budget speech last week that every provincial department should take responsibility to manage the use of their own fleet. “We will start to discipline government officials who is misusing and abusing government vehicles, and Roads and Public Works will start with its own officials,” said MEC Rooi.

The Fleet Management Entity intends to uphold its name and status; but it strongly relies on the inputs of the public to ensure optimal investment of funds into government assets and service delivery.

For any enquiries feel free to contact Ms Crystal Robertson
(T) 053 839 2183
08 222 38 292     


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